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The Benefits of Allergen Resistant Tencel

Is There Such a Thing Allergy Resistant Sheets? When we were designing our Degree 6Q Supima Cotton Quilted set, we knew that Tencel would make [...]

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The Tencel Revolution: The Beyonce of Fabrics

Chances are, even if you have never heard of the word Tencel, you have recently reaped the benefits of it. Whether it be [...]

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How Does Bamboo Become a Fabric

According to the New York Times "The Benefits of Bamboo,"  the benefits of organic fabrics are endless from a sustainable, eco-friendly, and affordable [...]

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Five Simple Fourth of July DIY Home Decorations

One of the best parts of putting together a batch of July 4th household decorations is you can use them for Labor Day, [...]

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Fathers Day: Let Sleeping Dads Sleep

Oh, Dads. Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Watch TV Without Them...Snoring Almost As Soon As They Plop Down. In just a few days, Father’s Day [...]

By |Better Sleep|

Why Bamboo Sheets Are Still One of the Best Choices

DreamFit’s Top Fifteen Benefits of Bamboo Last month/week/whatever, we looked at the process the bamboo plant goes through as it goes from a [...]

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Here’s Our List Of The Top Thirty Home Decor Influencers for  2017

Many of you have thought, “Where did that great idea come from?” or “Wow, I loved the link to those light fixtures” or [...]

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Thread Count Has Very Little to Do With Luxurious Sheets

One of the most important pieces of information that I have learned as a researcher is that unless there is a large government [...]

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The Five Secrets to Luxurious Hotel Bedding Around the World  

The DreamFit gang recently spent some time in Las Vegas for one of our favorite convention and markets. It got us thinking, “What [...]

By |Bedding|

The Five Best Bedroom Design Tips From the World’s Best Hotel Decorators

    As many of us remember, “There was a time when hotel-y was...everything you wouldn’t want your home to be, unless you [...]

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