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Need Fitted Sheet Replacement
I love my sheets! They are so soft and durable. I’ve had them for 10 years and I need to buy a fitted sheet only. Do you sell them separate from the set?
Hi Carolyn, We are very happy to hear that you are enjoying your DreamFit sheets. Unfortunately, our sheets are only sold as sets. We do offer a one year manufacture warranty. If you feel there maybe a defect in your current fitted please contact our customer service department at
Love The 7 Degree Sheets
TOP QUALITY- so upset that you stopped making these. was looking to buy a couple more sets and found out they are unavailable.
We are in the process of updating our product line. We will be unveiling new products this summer.
LOVE The Sheets And Customer Service
I finally found sheets with generous pocket depth and sheet lengths for that extra tuck in that I have been searching for. The sheets are amazingly soft and feel so wonderful. I am a really picky sleeper, so for me to find these sheets, I am thrilled. I did have an issue that Barbara and Haley promptly took care of for me. Thank you for awesome Customer Service and the BEST sheets I have ever found.
Thank you for sharing Linda.
Which End Is Up?
I just put the new set of sheets on but I don't know if the white or black elastic goes on the top of the mattress. The elastic is color coded but there was no indication which color goes on the top. I can't rate them yet because I have slept on them but a rating is necessary so I will go with a 3 until I know better. I'm leery that the will be warm. I bought the 1 degree microfiber. I hate microfiber but am hoping these will be cool.
Hi Roxanne. The color bands are at the top and the bottom of each fitted sheet. The two different colors help you to put your sheets on the right way the first time. If you put a different color at the top every time you change your sheets, it will help to prolong the life of your fitted sheets. Hope this helps.
How Deep Is The Pocket Of The Bottom Sheet
I cannot find anywhere how deep the pocket of the bottom sheet is. How deep of a mattress will it fit? I purchased them and they were so tight. I wont buy them again.
Hi Shirley, can you contact customer service at or 877-373-2634. Let them know whats going on and they might be able to help.
Addicting...What's The Story On Degree 6 Quilted?
Have been buying DreamFit Degree 6 (tencel) sheets ONLY for quite a while. We love the feel, and every winter we look forward to the first day we get to use the quilted sheets. I just looked all over the Internet for a king set Degree 6 (quilted) set in Snow--can't find any. And it looks from some ads like the Degree 6 quilted is now 70% tencel. What's the scoop? And when will king Degree 6 quillted sets be available again? Thx
Mary Anne, I am so glad you love our product. Thank you for sharing.
Dream Sheet 4 Degree
They look good, felt good, but wore out in just over a year. Definitely not worth paying over $200.00 for a set. Will not buy again.
I am sorry you are having this problem with our sheets Rich. We have one year manufactures warranty on all of our products. Our customer service contact information is or 877-373-2634. They will be able to assist you with your problems.
Bottom Sheet Wears Out Too Quickly
Definitely love the sheets but the fitted sheet wears out too quickly. Can I purchase just the fitted sheet?
Glad you love our sheets, Cindy. Currently, we don't sell our sheets individually. We do however have a 1-year warranty against manufactures defects. Feel free to contact our customer service department, and they can help with a replacement part if indeed the problem falls under the category of manufactures defect. You can reach our customer service department at or 877-373-2634.
Stays On Mattress, Wears Out Quickly
Absolutely Love how well they stay on the bed and they are very comfortable, but was EXTREMELY disappointed in how fast they wore out! For the price of the sheets, they should of lasted much longer! Won't buy them again.
Hi Debi, I am very sorry you are having this problem with our sheets. These issues are very unusual for our products. We do however have one year manufactures warranty on all of our products, and I have forwarded your information to our customer service department. A customer service representative will be contacting you immediately.
Not As Pleased
I met my significant when he already bought these sheets and I fell in love with them. Comfortable, soft in touch, of course fit perfectly on the bed, and amazing in all ways. Its been a couple years we had them and our dog loves to dig, she finally made a whole in the sheet and we decided to get a new set. I decided to try the Egyptian cotton one because I assumed that would be the softest. When I received them I was so excited to try them, but they were not as smooth on the skin, they felt a little scratchy to my surprise. I would assume that if I spend almost $180 on a set I would get some super comfortable sheets. My significant other stated that he paid less than we I ordered and they were more comfortable. I washed them already so I had no other choice but to keep them, but I was disappointed to pay so much to not get what I thought it would be. It could have been I got the wrong order, or the quality of it just went down.
Grace, first of all, thank you so much for your great endorsement of DreamFit sheets. We want you to continue to be a satisfied DreamFit customer for many years to come. Do you know what Degree your significant purchased? Is it possible it was Degree 3? Degree 3 is a very soft and breathable Pima cotton product. However, you purchased a fantastic set that will get softer and softer every time you wash it. Our Egyptian Cotton is of extremely high quality. Wash them a few more times and see if you don’t start to notice your sheets softening up.

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